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GibbsCAM 13 Roll-outs
Edmonton AB - April 24th
Calgary AB - April 25th
Kalipell Montona - April 30th
Bozeman Montana - May 2nd
Vancouver BC - May 6th
Sacramento California - May 28th
Santa Clara California - May 31st
You are welcome to join us at the GibbsCAM 13 Product Roll-Out and Training Session for our customers. WestCAM Solutions has provided “New Version” training for all of our clients over the past twenty years. This event is an opportunity to see the new enhancements for yourself. This training is free to everyone.
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Overview and Background
WestCAM Solutions provides superior CAM and DNC software, training and support for over seven hundred corporations throughout Western North America. GibbsCAM is the leader when it comes to powerful, user-friendly, fast, and machinist-oriented CAM software. Our experienced staff are dedicated to helping our clients with all aspects of their CAM needs. This includes installation and training as well as continued maintenance, post processor, and technical support. Our goal is to exceed support expectations and be the first choice for CAM software solutions. We have trained thousands of learners in classrooms and we have developed Cognus, the number one recognized online training system for GibbsCAM - With many years of accumulated knowledge and experience from basic production machining to advanced 3D SolidSurfacing, to complex multi-tasking and multi-axis machining, we are capable of providing support for every aspect of advanced CNC applications. Our experience and dedication to support, combined with world class GibbsCAM software makes WestCAM Solutions the best choice for a CAM service provider.
We Provide:
  • Fast and complete CAM/DNC implementation.
  • Thorough expert training both on-site and in classroom.
  • Productive machining results for our clients.
  • Speedy, knowledgeable, and accurate technical support.
  • eNETDNC - A Full Suite of Data Collection, Machine Monitoring, and Advanced DNC Network and Communication Systems.
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