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eNETDNC Data Collection
The eNETDNC machine monitoring system has the ability to collect data directly from the CNC machine. Based on this information the system determines the machine status and reports data real time throughout the organization. The Machine Monitoring Dashboard displays the status of each machine on the shop floor. This allows managers to react to problems as they occur rather than attempting to diagnose and explain problems based on post-production reports. The flexibility of the Machine Monitoring system helps create focus on the non-productive time and track the causes. In todays competitive manufacturing environment, machine monitoring provides management with a new tool to analyze and improve their operations.
Real-time Machine Monitoring, Real World
Decisions/Real World Data.
The machine monitoring system has the ability to monitor controller- generated data. The system determines the machine status based on this information. The machine may be actively running production parts, or in set-up mode, or idle. If the machine is idle, operators are required to report why it is in that status. This portion of the monitoring system allows companies to track the data most relevant to their operation. The flexibility of the eNET system helps create focus on the non-production time and track the causes.
The monitoring set-up screen allows companies to select items critical to their operations. The eNET system allows companies to quantify the amount of time lost, investigate the reasons for the losses and put in place solutions to prevent the occurrence of future time loss problems.
The machine-monitoring feature provides instant status of any CNC machine in the shop and allows for collection of real-time production data directly from the machine controls. Using the DNC connection to the machine tool and a special monitoring board, the eNET system is able to monitor the CNC control activity and provide production-relevant information about the machine operation.
Software Features
  • Easily Integrates with most Client ERP Systems.
  • Based on Standard 802.11 Ethernet.
  • Plant-wide Accessibility.
  • Tapered User Access Capabilities.
  • Real-Time Monitoring.
  • Automated Notification/Alert System.
  • Compatible with All Brands of CNC and Manual Controls.
  • Compatible with Standard Network Security.
  • Automated File Compare.
  • Add-ons (Addition of any Data Inputs).
Inputs Examples
  • Employee Number.
  • Job Number.
  • Set-up Time.
  • Production Time.
  • Accurate Part Quantities.
  • Scrap Parts.
  • Scrap Codes.
  • Maintenance Scheduling.
  • Material Parts.
  • Maintenance Parts (Ex. Oil).

  • Increased Production Efficiency.
  • Data Acquisition on Machine Status.
  • Operator Accountability.
  • Improves Accuracy.
  • Captures Real World Data.
  • Expanded to Support
  • Unlimited Number of Machines Supports all CNC Machine Control Types.
  • Eliminates the need for Duplicate Systems Wired Throughout the Shop.
  • Eliminates the need for Expensive Centralized Computer or Data Collection Stations on the Shop Floor.
  • Customizable ( Addition of any Data ) inclusion of Client Suggestions.
  • Configurable to any Shop Management or ERP System.
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