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eNETDNC is an Ethernet based CNC data management system that provides flexible, secure, reliable and cost effective data management, by allowing the user to connect CNC machine controls using an existing computer network. eNETDNC has been providing machine networking and DNC solutions for over 20 years!
eNETDN provides both wired and wireless Ethernet based CNC file management solutions. As the use of CNC technology in machining has grown drastically, production managers have found themselves burdened with managing multiple machines and program revisions. Providing a single source for storing all files that is accessible from all CNC machines as well as the front office reduces set-up time and ensures documentation is always up-to-date. Software features tapered access, allowing operators to log-in and access programs on the machine, while still protecting files from unauthorized editing. If a file is modified, it is saved as a new revision, guarding against unintended edits. An easy compare feature allows engineers to view the program revisions side by side for instant analysis.
In addition to file management, eNETDNC systems are equipped with a file editor complete with 2-D and 3-D backplotting capabilities. This user friendly editor allows engineers to pinpoint any machining issues by graphically representing the tool path.
The eNETDN networking systems are designed for maximum compatibility to existing networking infrastructure and are very user friendly. Software can be designed to work on existing networks, or we can provide the industrial grade hardware needed to establish or expand a network. Everything is connected through CAT-5 cabling and/or a standard 802.11 Ethernet signal. All hardware includes high-voltage surge protectors to protect expensive machinery.

  • Supports all CNC machine control types including proprietary Mazatrol format.
  • System can be expanded to support an unlimited number of machines.
  • The powerful standard system can be expanded to include Data Collection, Machine Monitoring, WebAccess and Wireless applications.
  • Able to drip/spoon feed multiple CNC machines simultaneously.
  • Machine configuration allows for operator feedback messaging system.
  • Able to connect to multiple types of CNC/ NC machines ports - we can even add BTR’s, if needed.
  • eHubs provide for secure network access, by only allowing access to specified directories.
  • Original CNC files cannot be overwritten or deleted from shop floor access points.
  • All operator-generated programming suggestions are stored for review and possible implementation.
  • Our automated file compare feature reviews uploaded programs, highlights any changes and optionally, notifies you by email. Network access allows for back-up of all CNC files to the server.
Software Features
  • Based on Standard 802.11 Ethernet.
  • Plant-wide Accessibility.
  • Tapered User Access Capabilities.
  • Real-Time Monitoring.
  • Automated Notification/Alert System CNC File.
  • Editor with Revision Protection.
  • Network File Back-Up Capabilities.
  • Compatible with All Brands of CNC Machinery.
  • Compatible with Standard Network Security.
  • Software can be executed from any workstation or server.
  • Runs on any Windows® platform.
  • Industrial grade hardware and reliable software ensure data quality is preserved.
  • Includes built-in surge protection on all hardware.
  • Uses standard CAT5 cabling.
  • All hardware and software is designed and manufactured in the USA.
Cost Effective
  • Operators can upload and download CNCprograms without leaving their machine or calling for support.
  • Enhances shop productivity by reducing machine downtime.
  • System design requires minimal hardware investment.
  • User-friendly software reduces the cost of system administration and support.
  • Increased Production Efficiency.
  • Data Acquisition on Machine Status.
  • Operator Accountability.
  • Revision Tracking for QMS Compliance.
With eNETDNC, having a PC on the shop floor is usually not recommended, but in some circumstances, it may be necessary to have one there. That is where eNetShell come in. eNetShell works with eNETDNC to allow the machine operator to set the status of the CNC machine, see the current status of the CNC, and Send and Receive CNC Programs to your CNC Machine. All the settings come straight from the eNETDNC computer. As you make changes to your eNETDNC software, they automatically update at the computer running eNetShell.
Another feature of eNetShell is that you can launch default applications that are setup on our menu. Using file viewers, CAD viewers or other programs you can access Setup Sheets, Inspection Sheets, Prints or Documents that you would like Operators or Setup people to have access to.
Normally, eNetShell is operated by using a touch screen monitor and computer located by the CNC machine. This allows the operator to easily select his current status, download or upload and view documents simply by touching the screen.
eNetShell can be added where needed but you can still have the flexibility to have some CNC’s directly wired or wireless to eNETDNC. Talk with a eNETDNC representative today to find your best configuration of eNETDNC Options.
eNETDNC Editor
  • Edit multiple CNC files simultaneously.
  • The Smart File Compare feature highlights file changes for easy review.
  • Editor allows up to three axes to be rotated simultaneously.
  • Mass Modify any G code value throughout the CNC file.
  • Multi-color G code display enhances editing feature.
  • Programmer is able to expand or compress files for viewing and editing.
  • Calculates cycle times of original and modified files to evaluate productivity gains.
  • Math utilities such as right angle trig and bolt circle calculators.
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