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eNETDNC Wireless
The eNETDNC wireless solution is based on the standard 802.11* wireless Ethernet and can be configured to work with an existing wireless network or as a stand-alone system. The wireless system is flexible; it can be configured to include all of the CNC machines or used in combination with a wired eNETDNC installation. In today’s lean manufacturing environment, machine tools are more mobile than they have been in the past. The wireless solution allows manufacturing flexibility without compromising system reliability.
The eNETDNC wireless DNC solution also supports the Machine Monitoring and Data Collection features of the standard wired system. The eNETDNC family of products focuses on providing flexible, secure, reliable and costeffective solutions to the manufacturing community. The wireless product was designed and manufactured to provide the kind of outstanding performance our customers expect from our products.
eWireless Unit Mounted on a
CNC Machine Control
The convenience of wireless technology without compromising reliability
  • No need to string wires.
  • Move machines without moving cables.
  • No issues with shop interference or noise.
  • Remote access from machine control.
  • Encrypted for security.
  • Built-in verification for insured data integrity.
  • Able to drip/spoon feed multiple CNC machines simultaneously.
  • Runs on any current Windows platform.
Software Features
  • Based on Standard 802.11 Ethernet.
  • Plant-wide Accessibility.
  • Tapered User Access Capabilities.
  • Real-Time Monitoring.
  • Automated Notification/Alert System CNC File.
  • Editor with Revision Protection.
  • Network File Back-Up Capabilities.
  • Compatible with All Brands of CNC Machinery.
  • Compatible with Standard Network Security.
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