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You are welcome to join us at the GibbsCAM 13 Product Roll-Out and Training Session for our customers. WestCAM Solutions has provided “New Version” training for all of our clients over the past twenty years. This event is an opportunity to see the new enhancements for yourself. This training is free to everyone.
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GibbsCAM for Education

Investment in technical education is extremely important to Gibbs, because the future of manufacturing depends on it. Due to the shortage of manufacturing professionals, Gibbs is dedicated to supporting educational institutions, including trade schools, colleges and universities, with NC programming solutions that make teaching and learning CNC programming easy, interesting and economical. We offer two editions of GibbsCAM, specialized for education. The Classroom Edition is operationally identical to the popular industrial version, ensuring that GibbsCAM-trained students are ready for industry. GibbsCAM's ease of learning, ease of use and high reliability greatly reduce training time and effort. As a result, instructors spend much less time resolving problems, and have more time to teach, while students gain extra time for hands-on experience. An extremely economical, personal Student Edition complements the Education Edition, making student work portable from class to home, and vice versa, further encouraging and accelerating the learning process. Both editions include PDF documentation with examples. GibbsCAM makes CAM technology easier and more enjoyable to teach, more fun to learn, and more productive for educators and students. Once you have experienced GibbsCAM's natural and intuitive graphical interface, you will understand why hundreds of other educational institutions and thousands of students find the software exciting. You will also understand why GibbsCAM students usually win when they participate in design-through-machining competitions. It is time to integrate this prize-winning software in your curriculum and become a leader in producing students ready for production manufacturing.

Helping You Meet the Challenge

Gibbs and Associates, with a history of dedicated solutions for education, is prepared to assist in fulfilling the requirements of practical CNC programming and machining which can be applied in the industrial marketplace. The GibbsCAM Education Editions are the ideal tools for preparing students for making discrete parts on the shop-floor, from understanding concepts and processes to learning practical procedures. GibbsCAM's integration with all the major CAD systems makes it the ideal educational tool for teaching these disciplines.

Whether you are establishing new educational programs and curricula, or need to accelerate hands-on learning, GibbsCAM Education Editions will simplify the task. Teaching GibbsCAM will make learning more interesting and more exciting for your students, and leave them better prepared for manufacturing, ready to join the thousands of companies, large and small, who manufacture components for every sector, with CNC machines that range from the simplest to the most capable and complex. What is drudgery for students using other software becomes fast, interesting and enjoyable with GibbsCAM.

We make this possible with two Education Editions, beginning with the Classroom Edition for stand-alone and network implementations. It is operationally and functionally identical to the industrial version. The GibbsCAM Classroom Edition is complemented with the Student Edition, which is a very economical personal version that students can use on their own computers for work outside the classroom. The Student Edition is licensed for a year, and available to students enrolled in classes using the Classroom Edition. It is operationally identical, and provides bidirectional file exchange with the Classroom Edition – learning that begins in class can be augmented through practice and learning off campus.

Why GibbsCAM?

GibbsCAM Education Editions are ideally suited for teaching and learning. The software is easy to teach, easy to learn, and easy to use, leaving instructors more time to teach and students more time to learn. The software is stable and consistent from one version to the next, for trouble-free updates, year after year. Education Editions are operationally identical to industrial versions, so what is learned in class is immediately applicable in industry. GibbsCAM was developed with foresight, looking at the future, and it is enhanced the same way, so it is always ready for new processes and machines when industry begins to adopt them. Educational institutions have support from local representatives familiar with local industry, companies and developments, and from GibbsCAM headquarters.

Ease of Use

GibbsCAM was designed for ease of learning and ease of use. From its inception, it was developed so that manufacturers can take the shortest path from concept or CAD model to a completed machined part. With icons and interactive panels that use manufacturing and machining terminology used in industry, it has a logical flow. This allows users to quickly and easily grasp procedures, and generate machine-ready processes. It requires less interaction (fewer mouse clicks) than any other CAM software, and it achieves this ease-of-use and speed without sacrificing capability. Aside from its established reputation for ease of learning and ease of use, we have documented evidence of a 12-year old boy who learned GibbsCAM to become the primary CNC programmer in his father's shop.

Geared for Industry

Because the GibbsCAM Classroom Edition is operationally identical to the industrial version, a student who learns in the classroom is ready for the production environment. Industrial, process and manufacturing engineering graduates will have grasped concepts quickly, while those who choose CNC programming or machining careers will be ready to work, with solid grounding and experience with an industrial software application. For schools teaching machining and machine-tool technology, Gibbs provides the required post processors, directly from its library of over 11,000 post processors, ready for use. This means instructors spend no time creating and troubleshooting post processors, and never waste time with related problems a student could encounter. Instructors have more time to teach, and students have more time to learn.


From your local representative to GibbsCAM headquarters, we are committed to helping educational institutions achieve their goals. The GibbsCAM Classroom and Student Editions are delivered with many instructional and reference PDF files. In addition, many GibbsCAM Resellers provide complementary training materials, from video tutorials, to study guides, lesson plans, and text books. Some also provide assistance with curriculum development or a full curriculum ready for adaption to a school's engineering or industrial programs. In addition, Gibbs maintains a GibbsCAM Grant Program to provide software licenses, at a reduced rate, or possibly free of charge, to qualified institutions, under the guidance of local GibbsCAM Resellers and approvals from Gibbs Management.

Into the Future

From its beginning, GibbsCAM was developed for the present and the foreseeable future. For example, when the first computers with graphic user interface appeared in 1984, GibbsCAM was the first to incorporate the technology. A more recent example is that when multi-task machines (MTM) became available, and other CAM software companies nearly ignored them, GibbsCAM developers initiated support for the machines. Today, as companies are rapidly adopting the machines, GibbsCAM is the worldwide leader in programming MTM equipment, with the same ease of use that originated 30 years ago. Its developers continue to study the horizon, to develop software tools that new processes and machinery will require. Schools and students that need learning for today, with preparation for the future, are best served by GibbsCAM.

Simplified Teaching and Learning

All the attributes of GibbsCAM make it ideally suited for education. From ease of teaching, to ease of learning and ease of use, the software provides all the power enjoyed by industrial users, without the complexity of learning, using and maintaining other software. To create the graduates that the manufacturing industry desperately needs, you cannot choose a better teaching and learning platform than the GibbsCAM Education Editions. You will graduate more capable students ready for industry, to the great benefit of your school, your students, and your local industry.

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