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GibbsCAM Tombstone Management System

Tombstones are a very productive means for machining multiple parts, greatly extending the time a machining center can run without operator intervention. GibbsCAM TMS (Tombstone Management System) streamlines multi-part setups to move more material through a machine tool while dramatically reducing the overall time required to create error-free machining processes.

Single Interface

The TMS dialog provides all the options needed to machine a tombstone full of parts— whether it's the same part duplicated in a number of locations, different faces of the same part, or different parts altogether

Flexible Part Layout

Define the tombstone, the multiple parts on it and how tools should move from part to part.

  • Set up a standard configuration of parts where the same configuration is used on all sides of the tombstone.
  • Set up a custom configuration to support multiple types of parts or part conditions that can vary from one side to the next.
Optimize Tool Changes

Group similar operations to control which operations should be performed together to minimize tool changes and rotations of the tombstone.

  • Group operations by tool to machine all features—in order and across all parts, including those accessible on adjacent sides of the tombstone—with the same tool before the next tool change.
  • Group operations by tool and coordinate system to complete all operations on a workpiece with the same tool before moving to the next.
  • Because some tools may be used for several operations, the user has the option to have one tool perform only one operation in one group at a time.
Safe Retracts

Avoid collisions by defining the safe distance when moving from part to part on each face of the tombstone and when indexing from face to face of the tombstone.

Visual Verification

The Machine Simulation module provides visual verification of the complete setup—the tombstone, fixtures, and workpieces as well as critical components of the machine tool such as the rotary table, base plates, machine columns and so on. Apparent problems can be corrected easily by simply returning to the TMS dialog and modifying the input. Simulation also keeps track of X, Y, Z positions relative to the machine's travel limits to prevent the tool from exceeding the machine's travel capacity.

Error-free Code

Output a program for the entire tombstone of parts, including all index moves and tool retracts. Support is provided for how the posted output subroutines, canned cycles, and B rotation positions will be handled.

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