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Edmonton AB - April 24th
Calgary AB - April 25th
Kalipell Montona - April 30th
Bozeman Montana - May 2nd
Vancouver BC - May 6th
Sacramento California - May 28th
Santa Clara California - May 31st
You are welcome to join us at the GibbsCAM 13 Product Roll-Out and Training Session for our customers. WestCAM Solutions has provided “New Version” training for all of our clients over the past twenty years. This event is an opportunity to see the new enhancements for yourself. This training is free to everyone.
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Why VoluMill for GibbsCAM - PDF
VoluMill™ within GibbsCAM offers expanded milling solutions for cutting methods that maximize material removal rates by building toolpaths that optimally control tool cutting factors. The process automatically takes into account the best option for milling pockets, including the speed of a tool plunging into the material and material removal rates. Variation in tool load is smoothed, allowing the machine to use much higher speeds and feeds.
VoluMill™ uses a clever roughing strategy that allows the programmer to rough as deep as possible to make big steps. Then, working from the bottom back to the top, the same tool is used to reduce the size of the steps to prepare the part for finishing. This unique strategy minimizes finish and overall cycle times and allows for the use of fewer tools.
Prevents the shaft from colliding with the part during machining.
Thread Milling
The dynamically controlled material removal rate strategy allows the programmer to generate the optimum toolpath program for every geometry, so only one algorithm is needed for programming any roughing toolpath. Offers complete programming flexibility. Includes user overrides for side milling only, adjusting slot depth, feedrate, and smoothing radius, and the option to cut depth first.
GibbsCAM Production Milling supports a wide range of Boring (bore, fine bore, backbore) and Drilling sub-routines ensuring that hole making operations are as efficient as possible.
Designed for parallel processing, allowing you to utilize the multi-core capabilities of your computer's processing power.
VoluMill's novel engineering generates native toolpaths with optimum machining conditions to allow for the highest feeds and speeds possible. VoluMill toolpaths produce smooth and fluid machine motions. Curves and arcs are designed to maintain cut width and to prevent tool overloading. Efficient special tool motions and contour ramping are used to maximize the rate of material removal along boundaries and tight spaces. The program repositions the cutting tool at a maximum feedrate, while the intelligent algorithm selects slot milling or side milling based on cycle time considerations. True stepover allows up to 100 percent cut width.
VoluMill dynamically adjusts feedrates and axial depths of cut to keep the cutting tool, machine parts, and the material being machined at a consistent temperature to assure heat is dissipated with the chip and to minimize force and wear on the cutting surfaces.
VoluMill intelligently locates the entry to provide an area to start and end cuts out of the material and reposition the tool at high speeds.
Converts polygons into smooth chains of arcs and lines. Processes toolpaths quickly and generates better finishes.
Cutting sequence is localized to minimize tool repositioning.
Optimized Roughing with Volumill
Volumill Pre-Drilling
GibbsCAM VoluMill vs Traditional Pocket Milling
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