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GibbsCAM Wire-EDM
Designed to handle the most demanding Wire-EDM programs while being easy-to-use, GibbsCAM Wire-EDM supports programming 2- through 4-axis CNC Wire-EDM machines. With a very flexible and robust graphical user, novice users will find the system easy to understand and learn, while experienced users will find it a straightforward, efficient way to access its breadth of capability and options. GibbsCAM Wire-EDM provides the user with complete control over the Wire-EDM machining operations. Post processors for all major brands of Wire-EDM machines are included.
2-axis and 4-axis Support
Wire-EDM machining represents an expanding segment of manufacturing with continual improvements in technology and machine tools. GibbsCAM Wire-EDM provides full support for 2-axis parallel or tapered with or without lands and 4-axis tapered machining with automatic 4-axis synchronization. Full associativity with geometry allows for easy updating to accommodate changes. With full control over all aspects of machining, you can fully optimize your part production while ensuring high quality results.

Machine Configuration
Today’s Wire-EDM machines come in a wide variety of configurations, but there are key parameters and characteristics across all of them. GibbsCAM Wire-EDM allows you to fully define the physical and operating characteristics of your Wire-EDM machine tool, wire and stock to use in programming your parts. Standardized settings can be stored and recalled ensuring consistency between jobs.

Multiple Part Support
Setting up a Wire-EDM machine to cut multiple parts unattended is a very common mode of operating. GibbsCAM Wire-EDM supports cutting multiple parts with different machining strategies – completely cut out each part individually, 2-stage (rough first or rough-skim first) or 3-stage (rough, skim, gluestops). Code can be output either as sub-routines or in longhand format depending on the machine controller.

Machining Strategies
Wire-EDM cutting parameters and machining strategies vary depending on material, thickness and other material conditions. GibbsCAM Wire-EDM allows full control of your machining strategy such as entry/exit radius, start/end angles, gluestop tag removal, skim cut control and handling lands/tapers. Cut with confidence the way you want.

EPAK Table Settings
Today’s wire-EDM machine tools use a wide variety of settings for a wide variety of machining situations. GibbsCAM Wire-EDM allows you to define various standard or custom machining EPAK settings for rough and skim cuts for different part/stock conditions. These EPAK settings can be saved in a library allowing them to be reused in future jobs ensuring production consistency. Once you’ve determined what works, you don’t need to go back and figure it out again.

Machine Data Integration
Many of today’s Wire-EDM machine vendors provide a wide variety of support for manufacturing data. GibbsCAM Wire-EDM allows data from Mitsubishi to be directly read into its configuration and parameter tables. In addition, Charmilles’ CT-Expert has been integrated into GibbsCAM Wire-EDM providing a seamless interface to its knowledge base. Cut with confidence using the Wire-EDM vendors’ data!

Advanced Visualization
Whether defining the orientation and path of the wire, or reviewing a simulation of the process to verify your program, visualization is a key aspect in developing a Wire-EDM process. GibbsCAM Wire-EDM provides a full range of visualization modes which correspond to various stages of programming. In addition to GibbsCAM’s standard display, a four view display is provided to allow you multiple standard views of your work for maximum clarity. A real-time simulation of the process is also provided to allow you to verify your program before running it on the machine. You won’t be in the dark any longer with GibbsCAM Wire-EDM.

Post Processor Support
Put simply, CNC Wire-EDM machines run off CNC programs. GibbsCAM Wire-EDM’s powerful post processing capability generates optimal and efficient CNC output for your Wire-EDM machines. Posts are included for the widest range of popular Wire-EDM machines. With GibbsCAM Wire-EDM what you see is what you machine.

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