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Our experience has shown that our clients receive immediate benefits from training: minimize risks by having a back-up plan for CNC programming. Gain knowledge from learning valuable tips and techniques which result in programming efficiencies and faster run times. Learn 100% of what your mission critical CAM products are capable of. Saving the programmer's time often means direct monetary savings in terms of more products out the door, faster. And, that translates to a great return on your training investment. Our chief instructor, Stephen Cunningham, is a senior support technician. He has taught GibbsCAM to thousands of programmers over the past 18 years. The class size is kept small which means a great learning environment. Come and take one of our high quality training courses, or send your employee(s). We offer high quality programs at reasonable rates. We hope to see you in one of our classes soon.

Now, more than ever, companies are concerned about the Return On Investment of their expenditures. To find out how quickly training can pay for itself in your corporation., try our INTERACTIVE ROI CALCULATOR .

About the Instructor: Stephen Cunningham
Stephen graduated college with a diploma in Tool and Die Making in 1985. He continued his education and received a Diploma of Technology in the discipline of CAD/CAM Engineering from BCIT in 1990. He worked as a CNC Programmer for several years at CREO products in Burnaby, BC, Canada. In 1998 Stephen began working for WestCAM Solutions as the technical support manager providing assistance to hundreds of machine shops. Over the past twenty years Stephen has developed training curriculum for every module of GibbsCAM and has trained thousands of learners. In addition to classroom and on-site training, Stephen is an instructor for Cognus, the recommended on-line training system for GibbsCAM. He has created hours and hours of excellent training videos. Stephen is also recognized as a senior post processors developer. With over thirty years of experience, he teachers even the highest levels of GibbsCAM including Advanced 3D, 5-Axis, Multi-Task Machining, and Tombstone Management.

Stephen has achieved the following certifications:
  • Trained and received certificate for GibbsCAM 5-axis March 2013
  • Trained and received certificate for GibbsCAM Multi-Task Machining March 2013
  • Trained and received certificate for GibbsCAM Post Processor Development January 1999
  • Trained and received certificate for GibbsCAM Advanced SolidSurfacer January 1999
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