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Advanced GibbsCAM Level III Training Program and Advanced Workshops
WestCAM Solutions has put together a level III training program which consists of three days of advanced training workshops. The workshops may be taken individually. However, for best monetary value, all three days may be purchased and taken together as a single class for one low price.
Advanced Concepts and Your own PC.
Recommended System Configuration
  • Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit (with all available Windows updates)
  • Intel Pentium Core i5/i7
  • 8GB RAM (16GB or more is recommended for very complex parts)
  • A quality Nvidia or AMD (ATI) 3D accelerated video card with the latest drivers installed (Click HERE for specific information).
  • 1GB of available hard drive space (for virtual memory usage and temporary file storage).
Our instructors have been programming and working with CNC machinery for more than 25 years each. As reseller employees, we’ve developed curriculum and trained thousands of GibbsCAM users from hundreds of large and small machine shops over the past twenty years.
Topics Covered Include:
  • MTM (Multi-Task Machining) Workshop.
    Geometry and solid spindle assignment and workgroup coordination for multi spindle/tool group applications. Advanced mill/turn applications. The synch manager: tool flow synchronization. Minimize non-cutting time. Advanced simulation and program validation. Utility operations. MTM Tool and process definitions.

  • Advanced 3D SolidSurfacer Workshop
    This day of training is meant to follow our mid-level 2.5D Solids program. Learn powerful capabilities for machining complex 3D solids and surfaces with toolpaths tailored for high speed machining and hard-metal cutting. Learn to control smooth cornering, stepovers, and arc fitting to minimize sudden direction changes and improve surface finishes. Many HSM roughing and finishing capabilities will be covered such as: various pocketing applications, material only roughing, contouring 3D, flats cutting, lace cut – raster, radial, and spiral; steep/shallow cutting, curve projection, and intersection and rest machining.

  • 4 and 5-Axis Machining Workshop
    This workshop covers a variety of different methods and cutting styles to program 4 and 5 axis machines. Learn to control all aspects of the tool axis, including tilting options to produce high quality surface finishes. The course covers collision checking methods and avoidance strategies to address collision situations. Learn parallel cuts, cut along curve, project curve, parallel to surface, and morph between two surfaces. Swarf machining methods and various other cutting styles will also be covered.

  • GibbsCAM Level III Program Consisting of MTM, Advanced 3D and 4 and 5-Axis Training
    Learn the advanced features of GibbsCAM Level III program which consists of three workshops representing various advanced aspects of the GibbsCAM software.
Instruction for each of these advanced disciplines will provide the user with insight as to the general approach in which to start and move forward when confronted with challenging applications. This is a senior level course. About the Instructor: Stephen Cunningham has been providing CAM application training for nineteen years. He has taught thousands of users and tackles advanced challenges for our many clients on a day-to-day basis.
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