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Advanced 3D SolidSurfacer Workshop
Description: The Advanced 3D SolidSurfacer training is meant to follow our mid-level Advanced Concepts program. Learn powerful capabilities for machining complex 3D solids and surfaces with toolpaths tailored for high speed machining and hard-metal cutting. Learn to control smooth cornering, stepovers, and arc fitting to minimize sudden direction changes and improve surface finishes. Many HSM roughing and finishing capabilities will be covered such as: various pocketing applications, material only roughing, contouring 3D, flats cutting, lace cut raster, radial, and spiral; steep/shallow cutting, curve projection, and intersection and rest machining.
Prerequisites: Advanced Concepts.
Computers: Supplied
Course Hours: 2 days, 8 hours/day, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.
Enrollment: $ 950
About the Instructor: Stephen Cunningham
Stephen Cunningham received a Diploma in Tool and Die Making in 1985. He continued his education and received a Technology Diploma for CAD/CAM Engineering in 1990. He worked as a CNC Programmer for many years programming multi-axis machines and produced high tolerance parts for laser optics applications. Stephen began working for WestCAM Solutions Inc. as a support technician in 1998. WestCAM Solutions provides training and support for several hundred manufacturing corporations. We are one of the older GibbsCAM resellers and we offer a full range of support. Northern California became our GibbsCAM territory in early 2018. Stephen is currently our Senior Applications Specialist and Head Instructor.
In addition to his formal education, Stephen has achieved the following certifications:
  • Trained and received certificate for GibbsCAM 5-axis March 2013
  • Trained and received certificate for GibbsCAM Multi-Task Machining March 2013
  • Trained and received certificate for GibbsCAM Post Processor Development January 1999
  • Trained and received certificate for GibbsCAM Advanced SolidSurfacer January 1999
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